Professional Locksmith Services in Whangarei

Locksmiths are the only key professionals you need during lockout emergencies. Misplacing your house keys or losing car keys happens often enough – don’t panic. More than once or twice for some forgetful people and the sheer proof of this is the number of available locksmiths in the area.

Emergency Locksmiths Whangarei

Problems with your locks after hours or in the middle of the night? A lost key after your night out? Or your home or business has been broken into? Commercial or residential – a Whangarei emergency locksmith is just a phone call away to fix your problems.

Window Latches, Window Locks And Window Stays

Most burglaries are carried out through a window. The majority of people deadlock their front and rear doors, but completely overlook their windows. A thief will often enter a property by forcing a window open, and then exit with whatever they can carry via an un-deadlocked door, such as a ranchslider, or a garage rolladoor.

Restricted Profile Keys

Restricted Profile Keys are a great idea for any business. They allow a business owner to accurately keep track of exactly how many keys accessing a business are in circulation at any point in time, and who has them.