Digital Locks

Digital locks are a great idea for anyone who doesn’t want to carry a key.  They are the perfect solution for a business with many employees, or a household with teenagers who never remember their keys, for example.  Northland Locksmiths have a range of digital locks to suit your need.


Mechanical vs Electronic

There are two broad types of digital lock – MechanicalDigital and Electronic Digital.

Mechanical digitals have been around for 50+ years and have proven their usefulness and reliability. They rely purely oncomplex internalmechanicalcomponents to discern between correct and incorrect PINnumbers. They have been refined over the years and mass production has meant that they are now reasonably inexpensive and plentiful.But beware! – some digital locks are definitely better than others – and inexpensive ones will generally have a shorter useful life. A downside of mechanical digitals is, because they are purely mechanical, they can only be programmed to accept a single pin number! They generally require disassembly in order to change the code.

Electronic digital locks on the other hand are much newer on the scene and rely on both mechanical and electronic components to work effectively. The electronics mean that these type of digital locks can be programmed to accept many different PIN codes (depending on the model),making them the perfect in situations of multiple users, such as a large office or factory. The other big advantage of electronic locks is that the more advanced modelsremember who uses them and when, socan provide an audit trail for security purposes.

Mechanical digital locks tend to be less expensive and more suited for applications with a small number of users,requiring only one access code, such as a home or a small office. Electronic digitalson the other hand,are more suited for large commercial and businessapplications-they keep track of multiple users with different PIN numbers (sometimesthousands) and canprovide an audit trail of who has used that door. Another place we have found electronic locks particularly useful is for Airbnb’s –where they can be programmed to allow access to different users and at different times.

If you are considering a digital lock for your home or business, just give Northland Locksmiths a call. We’re happy to talk you through the various options and what will and won’t work for you.

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Get The Right Advice

Northland Locksmiths have the experience and expertise to advise on which type of digital will best fit your needs.  Digital locks range anywhere from $200 to $2000 and supplying the right one to suit your needsis what we do best. When it comes to digital locks, Northland Locksmiths have the practical solutions that will save you money and still give you what you want in a lock.

Give us a call. We’re happy to share our experience and advice. We’re also happy to fit a digital lock you’ve bought yourself and just need a hand fitting it (it happens a lot!).


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