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Emergency Locksmith Services in Waipu

Getting locked out of your home is the stuff of nightmares. You don’t want to be stuck outside of your home or car. Let’s face it. Whenever such locksmith emergencies arise. It’s always cold, dark and wet, and you need to be somewhere urgently.

Call the Waipu locksmith service you can rely on – Northland Locksmiths. Whether you lost your keys at Lang’s beach, or got locked out of your car, you can rely on a 24-hour emergency locksmith services to come to your aid. Even in bad weather, whether you are at Waipu cove, Waipu Townshop or Waipu’s surrounding areas Northland Locksmiths can be relied upon to turn up when they say.

We provide mobile locksmith services in Waipu for most 24/7 emergencies.

What to Do When You Break or Lose your Keys?

Being locked out can send anyone into a panic, but trying to break open a lock yourself is never a good idea.

We’ve all seen it in the movies, they make the art of lock picking incredibly easy, fast and without causing any damage. If the movies were to be believed, sticking a bobby pin in, a few twist and turns in a keyhole and hey presto. This however can make the situation worst particularly if you get any broken piece of metal stuck inside your lock. Reality is, lockout emergencies are not a cinch, it requires training, expertise and the right tools to do a good and efficient job. A skill that only a master locksmith has. Call in Northland Locksmiths.

Trying to remedy a lockout situation on your own may just end up costing you more, with damage to your locks potentially meaning they need to be drilled out and replaced.

Take a moment to assess the situation; you don’t have to take matters into your own hands because in Waipu, there’s always time to call in the trusted emergency locksmith services of Northland Locksmiths.

Our Waipu emergency locksmith services are stress-free, fast, and affordable.

Here’s a list of the locksmith services that we do that spans the area of Waipu cove and yes, we cover Lang’s beach as well:

Entry control in your commercial space. Our goal is to protect your business 24/7. We offer an extensive list of commercial locksmith services from digital locking systems and master key systems, which gives you the option to enter the premises using a keypad, swipe card or a handy fob. Giving you the flexibility your company needs in monitoring movement around your Waipu workplace.

We install, adjust, repair and replace locks to your satisfaction. Another tip, if you’ve just moved into a new home, it would be prudent to call a locksmith to change your locks. Particularly if your rented unit has a long history of tenants.

It can be really maddening when you have to get somewhere in Waipu and find yourself locked out of your car. It can be due to missing or broken car keys. But the highly experienced Northland locksmiths team can handle different types of cars and their particular locking system without worries. They can get you sorted real quick, so you can get back on the road.

Call the Master Locksmiths in Waipu

Getting locked out of your house, office or car is a common predicament that can happen even to the best of us. But once you call Northland Locksmiths in Waipu to handle this matter, you can rely on us to see you through. We want you comfortably back into your home.

Here at Northland Locksmiths, we know time is a valuable resource and with our mobile locksmith service that’s available 24/7 for any kind of locksmith emergency – just give us a quick call!


For the Whangarei area, you may reach us at 09 438 9000 and for the Ruakaka/Waipu districts, call us at 09 432 8090

We’ll answer all your locksmith questions and be on the road to meet up with you. Always remember for any key and lock issues, Northland Locksmiths is the reliable 24-hour emergency locksmith services in Waipu.


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Northland Locksmiths can get you back in and back on the road in no time at all.