Professional Locksmith Services in Whangarei

Locksmiths are the only key professionals you need during lockout emergencies. Misplacing your house keys or losing car keys happens often enough – so don’t panic. More than once or twice for some forgetful people, and the sheer proof of this is the need for after-hours locksmiths in the Whangarei area.  


Mastery of the Mechanisms of the Lock and Key

Becoming a locksmith doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes years of practice, learning the right techniques and having the most efficient set of tools to work with. In fact, it takes a special kind of skill and level of certification to manipulate internal lock components. Some locksmiths will refer to this as ‘pin intuition’ – which is knowing the ample amount of pressure to apply on the pins inside the lock. Making these turn without the original key requires mastery and experience. 

Beyond traditional locks, Whangarei locksmiths today are also familiar with setting up security systems, doing key extraction, key programming and solving car lockouts. These expert tradesmen work hard and contribute well to the general safety of the community (not that we are blowing our own trumpet here!). 

Having the contact details of your local locksmith on speed dial is the best way to solve any unexpected lockouts. Avoid the inconvenience of going through a number of locksmith services and go for the most trusted emergency locksmith service in Whangarei — and that’s Northland Locksmiths. Call us first. 

The Advantages of Calling a Professional Locksmith Service:

It’s the very nature of the job. Most lockouts happen at very trying moments, just when you think you’ll have an easy night, you’ll find yourself locked out of your home. Another common scenario is when you’re about to leave for a job interview, or go to the airport is when the most unfortunate thing happens, you get locked out of your house or car. This can be very stressful as you could lose that valuable opportunity. If you don’t have a spare key, you’ll need a locksmith to help you out. But the good news here is that Northland Locksmiths are at your service day and night.

A great thing about Northland Locksmiths is that you can rely on us to show up for a lock emergency complete with all the necessary tools. We will do the best we can to solve the lock out problem, so you can still make it to your important appointment. Though every lockout situation is different, Northland Locksmiths can give you options – whether you need new keys or a complete change of locks. 

Northland Locksmiths are very much used to getting calls to remote areas. Truth is, you’ll never know where you might be when an emergency happens, and if it does happen, it’s a big relief to know you can count on Northland Locksmiths to head down your way and resolve your lock & key problem. No matter how far. Now that’s great customer support! (Please note we do charge mileage fees, and we can bring you a coffee with us!)

How much does an emergency locksmith service cost?

When you call and explain your emergencyNorthland Locksmiths can give you an estimate for the locksmith service you need. Of course, you can expect the final amount to be different. Sometimes it is more, other times it is less. We are good – but what we cannot see, we cannot quote 100% accurately for.  

After all, the locksmith will only get to know the scope of your situation when he gets there and does an assessment of the problem. You can be billed per job, per type of service rendered or even by the hour. We will also keep you informed.  

The charge will include a transportation service fee for the trip out to your location, the locksmith labour cost, a charge for equipment or any new hardware needed. In the end, the cost varies based on the type of work required. But it’s well worth the price of getting into your home or car, or making them secure.  Generally, our lock & key service is very affordable compared to mostand it won’t cost you an unreasonable amount to solve your lockout problem. If there’s a cheaper solution we will advise you of this, as customer service is paramount.  

If you need a fast and reliable locksmith to come to your door, reach out to us at Northland Locksmiths. We repair locks, provide key duplicates, key cutting and lock repairs. Everything you need to unlock your troubles.

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