The E-LOK is the revolutionary new development in digital locks. Designed specifically for the needs of New Zealand customers, it brings the best features of digital locks and electronic access control together in one tidy and ingenious package.

Operated by PIN, phone, or swipe-card, the E-LOK is managed exclusively by app on tablet or phone (apple or android) and users can be added or deleted quickly and easily.

The real advantage of the E-LOK is that it allows time-controlled user access (a PIN number will only work between certain times or dates, for example) so E-LOK is particularly ideal for Air BnB or other remote-access situations.

The other major advantage of E-LOK is that it has been designed to fit almost all New Zealand doors –  both timber AND aluminium!  It comes complete with a 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, or 60mm stainless steel mortice lock for installation versatility, long term durability and security.

The E-LOK can also be connected wirelessly to the internet with an optional GATEWAY wifi module – but in our experience this is not normally required as the E-LOK works as a fully operational, stand alone unit using Bluetooth alone.

For more information, or for getting an E-LOK on your home or business, give Northland Locksmiths a call.